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9 Best Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss


This article will review the best exercise equipment for weight loss. Losing weight is the primary concern of many individuals worldwide. The reason is the fast pace of life and non-healthy daily routines affecting everyone’s health, and people are gaining weight.

Not everyone can go to parks or gyms to exercise, so people prefer having the best weight loss equipment at home. This way, everyone at home can exercise according to their suitable time and remain fit and healthy without the need to go anywhere.

 You can find many home workout machines in the market and online stores. But not every exercise machine is suitable for you. You should consult some experts or collect information online to find out which exercise machine will be ideal for keeping you fit and healthy.

I recommend various exercise equipment I have personally experienced. I decided to write this blog for people who want to lose weight and stay fit.

Below is the comparison of the best exercise equipment for weight loss. You can have a quick roundup of 9 choices I will be reviewing in this article. After that, you can read the detailed review of each exercise equipment and know what to consider before buying the best workout machine for home.

1. Body Rider Stationary Bike – Cardio Exercise Machine
Best Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

A cardio exercise machine keeps your cardiovascular system healthy and helps you lose weight. Among the various cardio exercise machines, one is the stationary bike.

I recommend that trainees with cardiac issues exercise on the Body Rider stationary bike. It is a 2-in-1 trainer, also an elliptical machine. It saves space in gyms and homes and eliminates the need to invest in two machines.

This best cardio machine for weight loss has a great foam seat. On this seat, your whole body is seated, so there is no strain on any part of the body. Your entire exercise session will go comfortably. Furthermore, for various exercise modes, you can also stand on it quickly.

Every trainee that comes to the gym needs a different level of resistance in the cardio exercise machine; that’s why this machine is ideal. It offers easy resistance adjustment so that various people can benefit from it.

Besides, when you have this machine at home, your young kids or siblings may want to use it, so you must adjust the seat. This machine’s seat has seven different levels to adjust it vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, you can also adjust the height of the handlebar at three different levels.

This exercise machine’s flywheel is covered, so there are no chances of your feet hitting it. There are also front and rear stabilizers for added safety and stability of the trainee. Your training session will go smoothly because of the smooth glide and four integrated handlebars, and the adjustable cushion will make you feel comfier during the workout.

While you exercise, your workout duration, distance covered, speed, and the number of calories burned will be in front of you on the digital screen. It will boost your confidence, and you will try to hit harder to achieve your fitness goals.


Assembling it is easy as everything is marked correctly.
It is quiet.
It is easy to move around.
Sturdy and affordable.


It takes time to assemble it.
It requires maintenance.

2. Reebok Fitness Workout Deck – Incline Trainers
Best Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

An incline trainer is the best home exercise equipment for weight loss. While you train on them, you burn five times more calories at the steepest incline. I recommend the Reebok Incline trainer to trainees because it offers many functions in one exercise machine.

This workout deck is equally helpful for fitness geeks and novices. It will not slip because of the non-slip bobble surface feature. Besides, it offers a textured grip because of the quick locking foot adjustments. This way, there is no safety risk while you hold the maximum weight.

It satisfies your various workout needs. You can set it to incline, decline, or flat position to increase or decrease the workout intensity. Furthermore, there are two height positions to offer more workout options. One is 7.87 inches, and the other is 13.78 inches in height.

Storing this exercise machine is not a problem. It folds small, making it easy to store. Also, it has a storage compartment. You can find it by lifting the backrest. This way, you can easily access various equipment during workouts.

This exercise machine lets you make four power deck moves easily, proving to be an all-in-one solution for all your workout needs. You can do front raise, low row, tricep dip, and Bulgarian Split Squat.


It is worth its price.
You can fit it in any little corner.
A great multifunction bench.
Portable and versatile.


Uncomfortable when you lie down.
Not suitable for tall people.

3. SCOOP Under Desk Lateral Exerciser – Lateral Trainer

A lateral trainer strengthens your core, glutes, and inner and outer thighs. It combines the effect of cardio exercise and strengthening exercise. It also helps you lose weight while building your muscles. I recommend SCOOP lateral trainers to people who want to work out at home or the workplace. It is an easy way to exercise while doing other chores of life.

The tension knobs of SCOOP control the tempo as you use all your body muscles at once during exercise. It has no resistance besides friction. That’s why the workout feels easy. It is more valuable than treadmills or bikes because it also strengthens the muscles of your thighs and the sides of your legs. In short, it offers a full 360 degrees workout for the lower body.

This lateral trainer also works to improve your balance. Therefore, it reduces the risk of injuries during falling. That’s why I recommend this trainer to people who want to stay fit and active as they age.

With age, knee muscles become weak. But not anymore, as SCOOP is clinically proven to improve the health of knees by strengthening its supportive muscles. Furthermore, it is safe for people with joint issues and arthritis.

As it is more beneficial for older people, it is lightweight and less than 20 pounds. You can store it anywhere, take it to your office, and place it under your desk. This way, you can burn calories and strengthen your muscles while working.

Furthermore, it also offers workout customization options. You can change the pedal direction accordingly if you want to strengthen your inner thighs, outer thighs, or glutes.

Besides every nice feature, there is a limit for people using it. Only people under 250 pounds of weight can use it. Also, people with bigger shoe sizes, men’s 9 and women’s 10.5 or above, must use it without wearing shoes.

Or else, they can request a free upgrade to get a wide-width pedal from the manufacturer. Also, if you feel difficulty paddling it in one direction, you can get professional assistance from Scoop Lateral Trainers.


It is best for people with no time to work out.
Easy to use.
You feel strong within days.
Best gift for older people.


It slides on slippery surfaces.
Fitting feet in straps is not easy.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 Rower – High-Intensity Exercise

A high-intensity exercise is something that most professionals do. It strengthens muscles and helps you rapidly lose weight by burning calories fast. For fitness enthusiasts, I recommend Sunny Health & Fitness rower for high-intensity exercise.

This rowing machine has 12 levels of hydraulic resistance. This way, the trainees can set the intensity of exercise as high as they want. No matter your resistance level, you will enjoy a smooth row that will not create noise.

While you do some high-intensity exercise, your primary concern is to burn calories and keep account of it. It will not be an issue with this exercise machine because there will be a digital monitor in front of you. You can see the workout time, calories burned, and total rowing count on that monitor.

When doing hard exercise, safety and comfort is always a primary concern. Your feet will not move and will be safe on the pedals as you tie the adjustable straps. Also, with the stabilizers, you can level the rower to any surface you place the machine.

Furthermore, the pivoting foot pedals do not strain your feet. Besides, the foam handlebars offer a strong grip, and the cushioned seat keeps you sitting relaxed on the rowing machine.

It only weighs 20 pounds so moving it from one place to another is not an issue. Also, you can easily store it when not in use. You will also get a product manual in the pack with all the instructions to use it.


Easy to assemble.
You can quickly achieve your weight loss target with it.
It improves overall fitness.


Not comfortable for plus-size people.
The cylinder gets hot.

5. RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Sit Up Bench – Fitness Equipment

Keeping yourself fit is the desire of many people worldwide that is hard to achieve due to non-healthy routines. You can have fitness equipment at home if you don’t have time to go to the gym for a workout. I recommend you the sit-up bench by RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE.

It is a flat bench made of high-grade steel. This solid design has high-density foam to support your body while exercising.

It is firm enough to hold up to 260 pounds safely. So if you want to lose weight, it can be an ideal sit-up bench. Besides, safety will not be an issue as it offers a firm grip on the padded handles during different exercises.

It is equally useful for different exercise requirements of multiple people. It offers various compatible workout options to build your back, arms, shoulder, abs, or chest muscles.

You can easily do sit-ups, pushups, lying leg raises, leaning over to a back, and elastic rope exercises. Also, you can adjust the height levels of the sit-up bench as required. With different height levels, you can strengthen different muscles with different exercises.

When not in use, you can easily store it in any corner of the store room after folding it. It is lightweight, only 20.79 pounds, so moving it around will not be an issue. Furthermore, if you have any queries, the manufacturer offers email assistance.


Lightweight and sturdy.
Easy to assemble.
Adjustable height options make it versatile.
Suitable for everyone at home.


It is not easy to fold.
Not for tall people.

6. LEEKEY Pull-Up Assist Bands – Stretch Resistance Band

Resistant bands can strengthen muscles and maximize the benefit of any exercise. I recommend trainees to have the resistant bands by the LEEKEY. They offer a set of four resistant bands to fulfill various workout needs, making it the best cheap weight loss equipment.

The red band is for general warm-ups or people who start resistance training. It offers a resistance of 15-35 pounds. The black band is for general fitness training of stretching, jumping, and aerobics with 25-45 pounds of resistance.

Furthermore, the purple band offers 35-85 pounds of resistance and is for assisted pull-ups, pushups, and stretching. The high-end green resistance band provides 50-125 pounds of resistance and is used for weight training exercises and movement of the lower body, glutes, calves, etc.

These resistance bands are made of natural latex material, that’s why they are wear and tear-resistant. You can use them for long training sessions without worrying, and they will handle extreme tensile forces.

No matter whether you need to stretch sore muscles after a workout or want to do a warm-up for stiff muscles before a workout, these resistance bands are perfect.

You can better have these resistance bands when you don’t go to the gym or have weight loss equipment at home because of the short space. It can better assist your pull-ups, stretching, and squat for quick weight loss and muscle strength.

Carrying these bands anywhere is not an issue. A small bag comes with these bands; you can put the bands in it and put the bag into your handbag. It is also the best gift for fitness enthusiasts, who will love it.


The quality is worth every penny of its price.
It is a good workout for the upper and lower body.
Strong and durable.
No sharp corners or edges.


The bands stick together if not stored properly.
You can’t keep them in hot places.

7. Sunny Health & Fitness Essentials Series Trainer – Elliptical Machine

An elliptical trainer is an exercise machine you can use to walk, run, or climb without straining your joints. I recommend trainees to have the Sunny Health & Fitness elliptical machine.

I have also discussed one elliptical machine above by the same brand, and that one is also a cardio exercise machine. If there is no need to sit during exercise, I recommend this elliptical.

There is a precise microcontroller in this elliptical machine. You can twist it to adjust the magnetic resistance level among the eight available options.

Choose a suitable resistance level and start your workout. You can monitor your speed, distance covered, workout time, calories burned, and pulse rate during exercise.

It helps you burn more calories and lose weight fast as the handlebars move back and forth with force. Furthermore, the handlebars are slip-resistant, so you don’t get injured.

Also, handlebars are padded to avoid strain while holding them. The footplates are also of non-slip texture that ensures a firm grip for all shoe sizes during each resistance level exercise.

Setting up this elliptical exercise machine is not an issue. It comes partially preassembled. You only need to make a few adjustments, and all is done.

Wherever you place it, you can achieve consistent and smooth movement as you fix the onboard stabilizers for leveling it. Also, these stabilizers prevent the machine from rocking, tipping, and swaying.

It adjusts to a small corner of your home and won’t take up much space. This elliptical machine also has wheels at the front. So when there is a need to move it or store it, the process will go smoothly.


Its fits in a small place.
It does not wobble.
Very quiet.
A well-engineered machine.


Not for overweight people.
Assembling it is not easy.

8. Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike – Stationary Bike

I have already discussed two exercise machines with stationary bike features from Sunny Health & Fitness. However, this stationary bike by Exerpeutic has much to offer besides fulfilling your indoor cycling need to lose weight.

This stationary bike has eight resistance levels. Level one is for beginners, and level 8 is for professionals who want to do some hard workouts. Its maximum resistance level is better than other stationary bikes. Also, it does not lose resistance as you use it; instead, it will challenge you all the way.

This best exercise equipment for weight loss is made of a solid steel frame that will not go anywhere for over ten years. Also, its weight capacity is around 300 pounds because of its sturdy structure. Despite all these tough functions, it does not take much space and can fold to 22 x 20 inches.

While you exercise, the machine’s noise will not disturb anyone because it is quiet. You can monitor the distance covered, calories burned, exercise time duration, speed, and pulse during exercise.

This way, you can track your performance and set your fitness goals. You can also get the MyCloud Fitness Cadence sensor to keep track of your workout and many more features.

This exercise machine is compatible with people from 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 1 inch tall. You can adjust the bike’s height according to your height without any hassle. Furthermore, you can ride this stationary bike for hours, and there will be no strain on your back because of the 15 x 10 inches comfortable seat.


Easy to set up in a short time.
Solid and sturdy.
The tension settings are easily switchable.
It keeps stable.


The central unit has no ventilation.
The seat’s shape is not suitable for everyone.


9. Fitness Reality Magnetic Row Machine – Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is the ultimate weight loss equipment for gyms and homes. These machines also offer high-intensity exercise to improve muscle strength. We have also discussed a rowing machine above by Sunny Health & Fitness, but if you want a row, go for it.

This rowing machine for weight loss is enough if you want to do leg, arm, butt, or shoulder exercises. How hard you work out, your feet will stay flat on the pedals because of the adjustable belt around the foot platform and your feet.

This best gym equipment for weight loss and toning works quietly because of the nylon belt-driven system. It will not disturb if someone is sleeping in the room or you are watching TV. You can adjust the resistance level between 14 points, level 1 for beginners and level 14 for professional rowers.

It works with MyCloudFitness App that is available on Android and iOS devices. You can track your calories, total row count, strokes in a minute, distance covered, and much more. You can also access rowing, yoga, exercise, cycling, and bodyweight classes on that App.

Furthermore, you can also get customized workout plans as per your routine. Want to lose weight and don’t know how many calories your food has? Take a pic, and the App will tell you its calories, protein, carbs, and fiber. Besides, this machine is also compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health.

When not in use, you can fold it to store anywhere easily. With multiple body workout options, this single exercise machine is the best exercise equipment for weight loss at home. Stream the fitness expert’s classes on the App and work out at home; you will get in shape and achieve your desired weight soon.


Easy and fast to assemble.
It does not wobble.
Easy to follow instructions.
You can track your fitness through App.


You need to get a cushion for the seat.
Some people find it difficult to connect to the App.

Best Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss Buying Guide

I have discussed various exercise equipment that can help you lose weight at home or the gym. Not every exercise machine is for you. Before you consult an expert, you need to understand some key points that lead you to select the best exercise equipment losing weight. I recommend checking the following points in an exercise machine before buying it.


Design is the most crucial factor when buying an exercise machine. The material of the machine should be of high quality and withstand heavyweight people as the purpose of purchasing exercise machines is to reduce weight. Also, only high-quality exercise machines can last longer.

The design of the exercise machine should be comfortable for the trainee to sit, stand, and work out comfortably. If the machine has a phone or tablet holder and a water bottle holder, it will be a plus to add more convenience during exercise.


The exercise machine should be easy to store. If you buy it for a gym, storage is not so important, but for homes, it is crucial. You don’t need the exercise machine all the time, so it is better to be foldable and have wheels for easy storage and movement.

Also, ensure that the folding is not hectic and you don’t need any tools for this purpose. If the exercise machine you are considering has both features, give it a go.

Exercise Performance

The primary purpose of buying exercise equipment is, no doubt, its performance. Various exercise machines offer different exercise mechanisms and have different resistance levels. Newbies require simple machines with few options and low resistance levels; however, professionals prefer multi-option exercise machines with high resistance levels.

The exercise machine choice also depends on the workout preferences according to the type of muscle strength you want to gain. Whatever machine you choose should make the exercise fun and not strain your joints; otherwise, your purchase will be useless. Therefore look for the exercise options and performance a machine offers, then buy one.

Fitness Apps

Best Exercise Equipment For Weight Loss

Many exercise machines nowadays have specialized workout apps. You can track your performance on the App and take guidance from professional trainers.

You can also join live classes and be a part of the community through these apps that will surely motivate you to lose weight. This way, you can feel at a gym while exercising in the comfort of your home. You can set targets on the apps and schedule your workout routine.

If you prefer such apps and features, look for them in the exercise equipment you choose. You can overshadow this option if you don’t want to use such features.

Power Source

Some exercise machines are battery-powered, while others are electric-powered. Some may also have both options. Decide about your power preference for exercise machines and then shortlist the available exercise machines.

Noise Free

Maybe you want to enjoy TV or music during exercise, but it will not be possible if your exercise machine makes a lot of noise. Also, if you buy it for home, it can disturb others’ sleep. Therefore look for noise-free features in the exercise equipment you buy.

If you buy one for your gym, you can outweigh such a feature because your preference now is to provide a fruitful workout session to your trainees before anything.


If you buy an exercise machine for the gym or home use, it should have adjustable height options. This way, many people can get benefit from this machine. If there are no adjustable options, you are investing in the machine only for yourself, and no one else will ever benefit from it if their height or physique doesn’t match yours.


Exercise machines are big, so they don’t come fully assembled while you buy online. Some machines come partially assembled, and others require you to assemble them completely.

And of course, this process will take time and need some equipment. If you don’t have prior experience, look for exercise machines that don’t require high-level assembling; otherwise, hiring a professional will cost much.

If you are a professional, it doesn’t matter if you have to assemble the machine yourself; other factors are more important to consider for you. Also, ensure the manufacturer provides a proper assembling and user manual so that even a tiny assembly does not become troublesome.


Whatever exercise equipment you buy should stay firm on the ground, regardless of the surface. Exercise machines have stabilizers that hold them firmly on the ground so that they don’t move to risk your safety while you do hard workouts. Look for this feature in any machine you shortlist; otherwise, you cannot work it out smoothly.


Any exercise machine you buy should have optimal safety features. There should be no rough or pointy edges that can harm you. Also, the handlebars should offer a firm grip, and the footrest has adjustable straps to hold your feet tightly. Besides, the flywheel should be covered to prevent sudden injuries.


If you buy one for home, you should specify the budget you could spend on a piece of single exercise equipment for your or your family’s workout needs.

If you buy an exercise machine for the gym, you should not compromise on the features to save money. After all, this machine will make your gym profitable if it can train people outstandingly. However, it should not be too expensive that you can’t afford any other gym equipment.

Some exercise machines also cost you monthly or annual subscription charges; look for this factor before buying one. So, specifying a budget to buy an exercise machine is essential in each scenario. Shortlist the exercise machines that come under your budget, then buy one.


Till now, I have discussed with you the nine best exercise equipment for weight loss. You also know the factors to consider while selecting a suitable exercise machine for your home or gym. Still, feeling confused? Let me recommend some exercise equipment for you.

If you are a newbie at fitness and training, try out the low-budget exercise equipment, the LEEKEY Pull-Up Assist Bands – Stretch Resistance Band.
For professionals that want to achieve fast fitness, I recommend Fitness Reality Magnetic Row Machine – Rowing Machine.

Want to know my top pick fitness equipment? I prefer using Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike – Stationary Bike. It helps achieve fitness goals and is helpful for routine workout activities.

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